Family Vacation: Argentina Style, Puerto Iguazú

by david on May 2, 2013

Puerto Iguazú is one of the “new seven natural wonders of the world”.  If you are like me and were completely unaware, there were seven new wonders, you may remember it better as the waterfalls featured in the last Indiana Jones move.  We have all sorts of activities planned for our brief stay.  A ride in an open jungle train (for unencumbered photography, according to the brochure) is required to get to the base of the falls.  From there, we have hiking trails and foot bridges through the jungle to various views of the falls and a section named the Devil’s Throat.  After we are hiked out, we have a boat excursion to get us up close and personal with the falls.  It should be pretty cool.  We are thinking of taking a zip-line course through the jungle on day two.  It really depends on how tired everyone is.  Day two might be filled up before we end up leaving for the trip, but I hope it keeps a little block of time just to relax.


Tomorrow, Mendoza

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