Family Vacation: Argentina Style, Mendoza

by david on May 6, 2013

After the falls, we head to Mendoza.  It is located at the base of the Andes and is also a famous wine region.  My bride wants to go up into the Andes, and I have to admit I would not mind seeing the world from on high myself.  Day one will take us on a tour from the valley floor to the summit of some of the nearby mountains.  The only hiccup in the plan may be the time of year in which we are visiting.  Some of the mountain passes tend to close because of snowfall during the winter and could pose us a problem.  It is our hope, since we are visiting in May (technically late fall below the equator), the roads will still be open.  If not, my hopes for more hunting family vacations may be in dire peril.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

On the second day, we are devoting some time to touring the wineries that make the region famous.  My favorites are Chianti, burgundy and cabernet, but I am beginning to develop a taste for malbec and some of the best in the world is vinted there.  One thing that really excites me about the whole trip (hunting included) is trying some of the local wine.  While in Italy a few years back, I sampled some of the most wonderful wines that were produced just for local consumption.  These wines were made to please the palates of the local population and not to be sold on a large scale.  My taste buds still water just thinking about them.  I am really hoping for a similar experience in Argentina.  Lest I get too far off course, let me just say I am looking forward to visiting Mendoza.

Tomorrow, El Calafate

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