Family Vacation: Argentina Style, Buenos Aries

by david on May 1, 2013

My wife and daughters are flying into Buenos Aries on the same day the guys and I leave from hunting camp.  The flight from Atlanta, GA is overnight.  After dropping their luggage at the hotel, the girls are headed out shopping and sightseeing.  My hunting buddies’ return flight is at 8:25 pm so they will need to be at the airport about 6:00 pm, and I will be taken to the hotel sometime before or after that to meet up with them.  The next day, we will have half of the day to do some more sightseeing (hopefully, the shopping will be done) before heading to the airport for 4:20 flight to Puerto Iguazú.  I should mention that all of my in-country travel arrangements, including domestic airfare, have been made by Sylvia Zapiola and www.patagonia-argentina-com.  Sylvia has been great to work with and has shown me the utmost patience.  She arranged all of the lodging, excursions and even the overnights in Buenos Aries before and after the sightseeing tour.  We are going to end up spending two nights in Buenos Aries, three in Puerto Iguazú, three in Medoza, and three in El Calafate.  I’ll do my best to describe the trip without actually having been there, and I’ll promise you a much more though accounting when I get back.


Tomorrow, Puerto Iguazú

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