What to Take: Part Two

by david on April 19, 2013

The next attachment was a gear and clothing list.  Unless you have hunted with the outfitter before and have been to camp, this is a very important piece of information.  It lets you know what is necessary for the trip and what is extra.  It covered: hunting clothes, camp clothes, footwear, toiletries, safety gear, outerwear, backpack, sunscreen, and everything else we will need for the trip.  There was even a reminder that laundry was done on a daily basis and that a lot of changes of clothing were not necessary.  The list was a good one.  It was clear and concise, and it will be filed away for future use right along with the ones I keep for Africa.

The last attachment was one listing the average temperature, rainfall, and humidity, by month, for the area we would be hunting.  This proved useful in determining how warm it would be and how much waterproof gear I would need.  I had planned on taking multiple layers and I still will to a certain extent, but with the list I can cut a few items and keep my baggage weight down.

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