What To Take: EvoShield

by david on April 25, 2013

I promised you a paragraph about recoil pads, so here goes.  I am not very recoil-sensitive.  My large heavy rifle for Africa is a .416 Rigby.  It has somewhere around 54 ft. /lbs. of recoil and it really does not bother me.  The 20-gauge Beretta I will be shooting with in Argentina has between 15 ft. /lbs. and 17 ft. / lbs. – so why should I be worried?  While I may shoot the .416 a half dozen to a dozen times over a 10-day hunt, I will probably be shooting the 20 gauge 2000 times over four days.  That is 640 ft. /lbs. of recoil over 10 days, 64 per day for the .416 and 34,000 ft. /lbs. over four days, or 8,500 per day for the 20 gauge.  It is readily evident that my shoulder will take more abuse from the 20 gauge.  What is the solution?  I am glad you asked.  I am going with something new to me for this trip.  Rather than the traditional recoil pad added to the butt stock or my shoulder, I am using the EVO shooting system.  The system is made up of two components.  The first is a tight-fitting, wicking T-shirt with a pocket sewn into the shoulder on your shooting side.  Into this pocket goes a pad.  The difference is this pad goes in malleable and you mount your shotgun in a particular pattern while the pad sets up and hardens.  When you are finished, you are left with a pad that custom fits your shoulder on the back and has a pocket molded by the butt of the gun on the other.  This helps make sure you have a good gun mount and the recoil is spread out over about six to ten times the surface area when compared to a normal shooting situation.  I have not tried it with a 20 gauge yet, but I have with my 28 Gauge.  If I had not heard a boom, I would not have known my O/U had discharged.  The difference was that noticeable.  I’ll let you know how it worked when I get back from the dove fields of Argentina.

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