Reciprocity Fee???

by david on April 15, 2013

While Argentina does not require a visa for US citizens, it requires something called a “Reciprocity Fee” of the Argentine peso equivalent of $160 US dollars.  I was told that the US started charging Argentine citizens the same amount to visit the US, so the Argentine government decided what was good for the goose was also good for the gander.  Whatever the reason, the requirement was not too difficult to comply with.  There is a website to go to (, and you just have to fill in the blanks.  The only hiccup I had was during the review-before-purchase screen, it looked like the passport numbers (I was entering the information for my whole family) were wrong.  I reversed everything and entered all of the information again.  The same screwed-up numbers showed up again when I was in the review mode.  This would not have been so bad but there was a big warning across the top of the screen saying, once I had processed my credit card information and things were finalized, I could not change anything.  Now I had a conundrum.  The information I was looking at was wrong, yet I was sure I had entered it correctly.  I had to have the reciprocity paperwork before I left, because you can’t do it when you get to Argentina.  Since I had not yet gotten to the part where I would enter my credit card information, I decided to go forward up to the point where I had to enter it.  I figured I could kill the screen and start over once again if I had to.  I clicked on the next button and, lo and behold, the information was correct and I was able to finish the transaction.  I really do not know what happened, but I had my paperwork and was able to print it.  I ended up printing three copies, two in Spanish, and one in English.  I do not know how many I will actually need, but I wanted some insurance against a loss or a mix up of some kind.  All in all, I don’t guess it was too bad and, if that is the worst hassle I have during the trip preparation process, I’ll consider myself lucky.

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