Hunting and Vacationing Argentina Style: Who and Where? Part Two

by david on April 3, 2013

The first thing I did after the hunt was to call Rick Wilks of Wilks’ Safaris.  He is a friend and hunting buddy of mine and has set up several hunts to Africa for me.  I also just happened to know he had some contacts in South America as well.  He told me he was currently sending hunters to Marcelo Sodiro’s South American Adventure Safaris ( ).  I asked him if he had hunted with Marcelo, what the camp was like, and if the shooting was really as good as it seemed on TV, and as many other questions as I could think of.  I passed his recommendation along, with the answers to my questions, to the rest of the group and suggested that they check out the website and come up with questions of their own for Rick.  We all spent some time on the computer looking over the website, checking references.  Then the e-mails started.  We bounced questions off one another and Rick.  We tried to think of all the reasons we shouldn’t go (thank goodness no one came up with any really good ones).  Finally, after we had covered just about every scenario possible, it was time to make a choice.  The decision was made to hunt with SAAS.  We were finally on our way to hunt Argentina!


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