Hunting and Vacationing Argentina Style: Who and Where? Part One

by david on April 2, 2013

Phenomenal wing shooting and Argentina have been used in the same sentence for as long as I can remember.  It has been the subject of more TV shows and magazine articles than I can count.  Wing shooting in Argentina has also been on my “to do” list for more than a few years now.  Since it was going to be an off year for Africa, this year seemed to be the perfect opportunity to make it happen.  My hunting buddies and have talked about going to Argentina many times over the years, but that was all we did.  In October of 2012, while we were sitting around the lunch table taking a break from quail hunting, someone mentioned seeing one of the afore-mentioned TV show or reading a magazine article on Argentina.  Next thing you know, the whole conversation of “we ought to do that sometime” started to repeat itself.  Somewhere in the chat, someone (I don’t remember who, but I am eternally grateful to that person) said, “Let’s stop talking about it and actually do it”.  The discussion suddenly stopped for a brief second, and it was as if the light bulb came on in each person’s mind all at the same time.  The whole tone of the dialog changed.  Were we actually considering going?  Fifteen minutes later, we decided we needed more information.  Since I knew someone who brokered hunting trips to Argentina, I volunteered to see what I could find out.

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