Hunting and Vacationing Argentina Style: What and When? Part One

by david on April 4, 2013

With the “who” and “where” questions answered, we now had to answer the “what”, as in what were we going to hunt.  Doves were a given, and pigeons were also probably a must as they are the fabled quarry of high volume shooters the world over.  None of us, however, were interested in shooting thousands upon thousands of rounds a day, so that necessitated us finding something else to hunt.  We discovered that during certain times of the year ducks and perdiz (another name for partridge) are also available.  Everyone in the group has been to duck camp, so the idea of hunting new species of ducks appealed to everyone.  Hunting upland birds over dogs is one of life’s greatest pleasures (at least according to me) thereby making the decision to try perdiz hunting an easy one.  This combination of hunts is only available in their winter months (May-August), dictating the “when” as well.  We are all fans of hunting early in the season before birds have been exposed to a lot of hunting pressure, and early in the season suited everyone’s schedule.  We decided on the last week of May as it should give the weather enough time to cool off and it was late enough to make sure my youngest daughter was home from school.

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