Hunting and Vacationing Argentina Style: Travel Plans, Part Two

by david on April 9, 2013

The transfer to the domestic airport was necessary as the international airport handled only international flights.  The domestic flight airport was on the other side of Buenos Aries and was about a two-hour drive.  If we chose this route, we would have to be at the airport two hours in advance in order to be able to recheck the bags, get our boarding passes, and clear security.  The flight its self was a little over an hour.  We would then have to reclaim the bags for an approximate hour and a half drive to the lodge.  It ended up taking the same length of time (perhaps a little longer) to fly from Buenos Aries to Santa Fe and then driving to the lodge rather than simply driving to the lodge straight from Buenos Aries.  We decided, rather than risk lost bags, flight delays, and another trip through security, we would take the van to the lodge.  Another plus for the van is it would provide us a chance to make a few stops on the return leg to pick up some souvenirs or any Argentinean libation that we had taken a liking to while we were at the lodge.  It would also provide the opportunity to see more of the country and we would be able to stop at any place along the way that looked interesting enough to warrant a short detour.


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