Hunting and Vacationing Argentina Style: Travel Plans, Part One

by david on April 8, 2013

With a game plan more or less set, we all sent Rick our deposit checks to lock in our dates and then set upon the task of making our travel arrangements.  Rick suggested using Esplanade Travel, as they specialized in getting to and from South American.  That was easy enough and I prefer to use a specialized travel agent for foreign hunting trips.  All I had to do was fire off a quick e-mail and, in no time at all, Lindsay had our itinerary all planned out.  We were to leave Raleigh in the midafternoon, and fly to Atlanta, and then take an overnight flight to Buenos Aries.  We would arrive there at 8:30 am and either transfer to the domestic airport for another flight or take an approximately six-hour van ride to camp.  The van ride would cost $170 per person each way, or the flight would be $350 round trip.  It would seem like an easy decision, but after some research, it turned out to be a little more complicated than it was at first glance.

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