Family Vacation: Argentina Style

by david on April 29, 2013

I have been toying with the idea of combining a hunting trip with a family vacation for many years now and I am convinced it can work.  This is easily accomplished if all of the family members hunt and a grand time can be had by all.  My problem is, no matter what I try, I am destined to be the sole hunter in my family.  This complicates things greatly but I love a good challenge.  This whole idea came about after I discovered how much I liked to travel to faraway places to see new things and hunt new critters.  My better half and my daughters like to travel to faraway places and see new things too – so it should be easy, right?  Well, maybe not so much.  A week in a hunting camp is as exciting for them as a week at the local shopping mecca is for me.  A few years ago, Johann Veldsman, owner of Shona Hunting Adventures, and I came up with a plan for the hunting/touring safari vacation.   We decided to use my family as a guinea pigs (or, should I say, guinea fowl in Africa?), and away we went.  They had a lovely time while in camp and I even enjoyed the touring part (maybe not the shopping).  Everyone had a great time, and I deemed our idea a success.  Johann had since decided to add the touring/hunt combination to his Safari business and he sells several every year.


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