Family Vacation: Argentina Style Part Two

by david on April 30, 2013

As I believe I mentioned earlier, Argentina had been on the back burner for a while until my hunting buddies and I hatched the idea to take the trip.  One night over dinner, I just happened to mention that one of my buddies mentioned going to Argentina and wanted to know if I had any contacts and if I possibly, perhaps, maybe, might be interested in going.  The look I got back said a lot with absolutely no verbal communication, and decorum won’t let me repeat it here.  After carefully keeping my gaze firmly affixed to my dinner plate for several minutes, I decided to try my hole card.  “I was thinking about making a family vacation out of it”, I said and cautiously looked back across the table.  “Just what would the rest of us be doing while you are out hunting?”, was the reply.  Believe it or not, I was actually prepared for just such a response, and I replied, “I was thinking that the three of you could fly down after the hunt and we could start from there.  Why don’t you spend some time on the Internet and let me know what you would like to try and see while you are there?”  After the “I don’t know, but I’ll look” reply, I knew I stood a decent of chance of going.  It ended up being a lot better than that.  As is pretty evident by now, I am getting to hunt and the family is going on an Argentinian vacation.


Tomorrow the itinerary.

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