Argentine Pesos: Part One

by david on April 16, 2013

While I am not the most traveled person, I have been to more than a handful of places in the world.  Part of my plan, to be properly prepared to travel, is to have at least a small amount of the local currency on hand when I arrive.  It makes things so much simpler if one has some money on arrival to one’s destination.  I guess I could exchange currency at one of those little airport kiosks, but, in the first place, one can never be sure a kiosk is there, and, secondly, one can never be sure of what kind of exchange rate one will get.  There are many reasons I like to travel with some foreign currency.  First off, if you are hungry (and I almost always am), food is available at almost every airport I have ever been to and the worries of whether a credit card would be accepted are rendered moot.  Any government fees are required to be paid in their currency.  Tips to a baggage handler (or anyone else, for that matter) need to be in a form they can use.  If a taxi ride is required, cash is also required.

As I was getting my ducks in a row for this trip to Argentina, I did what I always do.  I logged into my online banking account to order some Argentinian pesos.  I was somewhat confused when Argentina was not on the list of available countries from which I could order currency.  With my limited amount of computer savvy, I immediately assumed I was doing something wrong.  A quick phone call to the bank’s online help center confirmed that Argentina was not on the list because the Argentinian government had imposed high fees on any currency that was traded outside the country.  Not wanting to overcharge their customers (imagine that), my bank had elected not to offer it in their exchange program.  The bank representative was most helpful in explaining this to me and suggested I exchange currency when I was in-country.

Part Two Tomorrow

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