So you would like to be a public speaker?

by david on March 29, 2013

Something new was added to my “to-do list” this year while I was at the hunting shows.  I was added to the list of guest speakers.  Birgit Johnstone, owner of “African Hunting Events”, asked me to give two talks based on my book.  I have never been overly fond of public speaking, but I figured I could do this.  After all, it was speaking to people wanting to learn how to go to Africa.  I spent weeks condensing my book down to an hour-long lecture and preparing for the talk.  Birgit’s show in Calgary, Alberta went extremely well and I had a lot of fun during both lectures.  The show at the Denver Sportsmen’s Exposition was a different story. 

            The lecture space in Calgary was small and intimate; I did not even need a microphone.  The space in Denver was huge and right beside a main thoroughfare.  The crowd was dropping in and out, and that rendered all of my planning useless.  I completely bored the crowd on day one with the same talk that worked well in Calgary.  I spent that night retooling my talk and, thank goodness, because it went much, much better the next day.  I basically told my story, instead of trying to give a “classroom” type of talk.  With the story format, it really did not matter when someone joined the talk, they could immediately figure out what was going on and follow along.  I do not know whether I’ll be asked to give any talks next year (I certainly hope so), but I will prepare each opportunity for the venue, rather than have a one-size-fits-all type of approach.

            The best thing about speaking in Denver was getting to share the stage with the 2012 Extreme Huntress of the year Ms. Jacquelyn Gross.  This young lady loves hunting.  She even postponed her wedding in order to hunt Africa.  She loves hunting and is a fantastic person.  Check out her webpage or he FB page is Bowkrazy with Jackie.

Next week Argentina awaits……..

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