Safari Hunting Shows

by david on March 27, 2013

Setting up the booth in Denver

Setting up the booth in Denver

Many people think that working a hunting show is all play and no work.  After all, we sit behind a table and talk to people all day.  That is what it is, but there is quite a bit more to it than that.  In fact, the only time I sit is when I am actively engaged in a detailed conversation with a prospective client or the traffic is absolutely dead.  Otherwise, I am on my feet greeting and qualifying people as to their degree of interest.  Most people walking by have no idea that they may actually be able to take a safari of their own.  If I am lucky, I have about 10 seconds to say something to pique the person’s interest and start a conversation with someone.  If unsuccessful, I move on and start the whole process over again.  On a good day, we will have a dozen or so good conversations with prospective clients.  If we get half of these individuals thinking about Africa, we have done well.  About half of those will stop back by on another day or contact us with more questions.  Of those three or four that come back for more information, one or two will eventually (sometime in the next few years) book a trip with us.  Johann is very fortunate in that he runs his company well enough to stay booked up a year in advance.  That gives our new clients plenty of time to check references and plenty of time to make the decision to hunt with us a year down the road.

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