Hunting Show Preparation

by david on March 26, 2013

The Wednesday after duck camp was the day I picked up my good friend and PH (Professional Hunter) Johann Veldsman at the airport.  He was in the US for five weeks to work several hunting shows and sell safaris for his business Shona Hunting Adventures ( ).  Johann takes very good care of me while I’m in Africa and I try to return the favor while he is in the U.S..  I also have to admit that I really enjoy doing the shows with him.  I like to travel, and having the opportunity to talk about Africa with people who want to talk about Africa (my family gets tired of it) is the icing on the cake.  The shows also give me a chance to catch up with other friends I have made in Africa, as they attend the shows as well.  Meeting new friends and finding other folks to hunt with sometime in the future is great as well.

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