Four Paces from Death (part 13)

by david on December 12, 2012

Around the fire that night, as we relived the events of the day, all was right with the world.  There were bacon-wrapped medallions of buffalo tenderloin on the fire and I had a brandy and coke in my hand.  The smell of the smoke from the fire and grilling meat are firmly ingrained into my mind and were a perfect ending for a perfect day.  I felt the joy and elation that comes with a successful hunt, and the events of the day would translate to some incredible stories around some future fire.  As Phil told me some stories about some of his adventures with other clients, I realized that I was addicted to Africa.  The wildness of the Dark Continent was now entrenched into my being more than ever.  As the conversation faded and I nursed my brandy, my mind was already working on my next trip and wondering how to avoid the lions and other wild things that I hoped would always be there.  It is those wild and unexpected things that make Africa the mystical and magical place that I love to hunt.  The ringing of the dinner bell brought me back to reality and out of my seat.  As I eased toward the dinner table a sly smile came to my face.  I had only completed one part of my safari and tomorrow was another hunting day.

Sundowners around the firepit. Photo by Phillip Smythe


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