Four Paces from Death (part 10)

by david on December 7, 2012

When she left, it was like a switch had been turned off: my pulse dropped to only twice normal and I was able to start looking for the bull again.  In less than two minutes he eased into the opening.  Phil had been telling me what to look for and how to field judge a buffalo, so I started down the list in my mind.  The horns were definitely wider than his ears, but not by much.  The boss, however, was incredible.  It looked completely solid.  It was battered and extremely knurled.  Best of all, he was only thirty-five or so yards away.  Just as I decided this was my bull, I got the prearranged signal from Phil that told me it was ok to shoot and I saw his fingers slowly go into his ears.  His shoulder did not give me the angle that I needed, so I moved my rifle to my knee, found my spot, took a breath, let it half out, and squeezed the trigger.  With the shot, all hell broke loose.  With the impact of the bullet, the bull hunched up and jumped into the air.  As he hit the ground, I had another round chambered and sent a solid toward his neck.  The impact made him stumble and gave me time to chamber one more round.  I sent another solid his way.  The only shot I had at the time was quartering away, so I aimed for his spine.  I do not know if the impact knocked him over the small ledge in the riverbed or if he just stumbled and fell over it, but he was down and that was all that mattered.

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