Four Paces from Death (part 06)

by david on December 3, 2012

It was during those four days that we discovered that lions were also hunting the same buffalo we were after.  Phil had actually seen them and I saw their tracks.  Although it did not seem to bother Phil, the fact that lions were close by and following the same buffalo herd was never far from my thoughts.  I could only hope that they were well fed and content to lay in the shade while we searched for buffalo.  The thought of trying to sneak up on a herd of buffalo and stepping on a lion’s tail did not appeal to me at all.  It was really cool to be in the same area with a group of lions and I was prepared to deal with them the same way we had dealt with elephants earlier in the week.  After encountering the elephants, we just slowly backed up and went around them.  Now, if I could just convince myself that spotting a lion sleeping under a bush was as easy as a seeing a napping elephant under a tall shade tree, I would be a great deal more at ease sneaking through the bush.

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