My Favorite Cartridges for Africa (Part 17)

by david on November 13, 2012

458 Lott

A 500-grain bullet at 2300 fps yields 5873 ft. lbs. of energy and 70.4 ft. lbs. of recoil

Ammunition available in Africa

            When a buffalo Jack Lott had shot twice with a .458 Winchester did not have the courtesy to die quickly enough, he decided to come up with a more powerful cartridge.  In 1971, he came up with the .458 Lott.  The cartridge was .3” longer than the .458 Winchester and packed a considerable wallop1.  In all fairness, it was not that the .458 Winchester was that much inferior to its newer competition.  It was that the factory ammunition of the time was not really loaded to its claimed performance levels and the bullets were not of superior quality1 (today’s ammo is much better).  Whatever the reason, with the introduction of the 458 Lot, America had a thumper of a cartridge, developing almost 1000 ft. lbs. more energy.  It will stop anything hit well with it just about in its tracks.  At 70.4 ft. lbs. of recoil, it is much more rifle and cartridge than the majority of people can shoot well.

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