My Favorite Cartridges for Africa (Part 16)

by david on November 12, 2012

458 Winchester Magnum

A 500-grain bullet at 2100 fps yields 4900 ft. lbs. of energy and 62.3 ft. lbs. of energy

Ammunition readily available in Africa

            To the best of my knowledge, the .458 Winchester was one of the first attempts by an American company to come up with an African capable cartridge, and they succeeded.  In the 1950s, an increasing number of Americans were traveling to Africa to hunt.  Roy Weatherby’s line of magnum cartridges was also doing well.  Winchester decided it was time to get involved, and, in 1956, the 458 Winchester was born.  The cartridge has become a world standard and many companies are currently producing ammunition and rifles chambered for it1.  It is available with bullets ranging from 300 grains to 500 grains, giving it some flexibility in its loadings.  If you hand load, you can hunt just about any animal in Africa with this cartridge.

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