My Favorite Cartridges for Africa (Part 12)

by david on November 6, 2012

375 Holland & Holland

A 300-grain bullet @ 2550 fps yields 4200 ft. lbs. of energy and 37.3 ft. lbs. of recoil

Ammunition is readily available

            The .375 Holland and Holland is perhaps the best-known cartridge for Africa on my list.  It was introduced in 1912, and it is the parent cartridge to most of today’s belted magnum cartridges1.  This cartridge is capable of taking any animal on the planet, provided the correct bullet is used.  It is considered the best all-around cartridge for Africa by many.  It is also the legal minimum for hunting dangerous game in many African countries.  Winchester was the first American rifle maker to offer a rifle in it in 19371.  It is too much cartridge for most of America’s game, but it has found favor with quite a few Alaskan guides for big bear and moose1.  It is slightly more powerful than my beloved 9.3×62, but it requires a magnum length action.  I am always on the lookout for a .375 to add to my collection, but I haven’t found the right one just yet.  If you were going to only have one gun for Africa, one chambered in the 375 H&H would be at the top of my list.

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