My Favorite Cartridges for Africa (Part 10)

by david on November 2, 2012

9.3×57 Mauser

A 250 grain bullet @ 2200 fps yields 2800 ft. lbs. of energy 19.8 of recoil

Some availability in Africa

            The 9.3×57 Mauser is one of several cartridges based on the 8×57 Mauser.  The only difference is the bullet diameter.  The cartridge originated sometime around 19001 and quickly made a name for itself in Scandinavia as a great gun for moose.  Its slow, heavy bullet was very efficient at dispatching the large animals without doing a lot of damage to the meat and trophy3.  It was only a matter of time before it migrated south to Africa and enjoyed some popularity, because it was inexpensive to shoot and was a good “meat gun”.  I load Barnes 250-grain TSX for my hunting loads and 270 grain Speer Hot-Cor for my practice loads.  The gun is best when used inside of 150 yards.

My 9.3x57 Mauser

My 9.3x57 Mauser


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