My Favorite Cartridges for Africa. (Part 7)

by david on October 30, 2012

8×57 mm Mauser

200 grain @ 2500 fps yields 2800 ft. lbs. of energy & 18.5 ft. lbs. of recoil

8×57 Mauser is available in Africa

I have been infatuated with the 8mm Mauser since I first saw one hanging in my granddaddy’s gun rack as little kid.  The first high-powered rifle I owned was an 8mm, and four of them in varying configurations are currently in my vault.  It is very similar to the 30-06 but is not quite as flexible.  It is a little older; it was adopted by the German military in its first incarnation (.318 diameter) with the 8x57S (.323 diameter), coming on the scene in 19051.  The 8×57 is to Europe as the 30-06 is to America.  It was instantly popular with sportsman and the 57mm case has been used as the basis for many other cartridges, as has the 30-06 has in the United States.  In fact, I own three of the four variations that use the 57mm case and the fourth is next on my “to do” list.  The 8×57 is only slightly less powerful than the 30-06 and it has slightly less felt recoil.  This caliber was not popular in the United States until after WWII, when a large number of surplus and captured rifles made their way across the Atlantic.  Due to the success and familiarity of the 30-06 in the US the 8mm never really developed a following among American hunters.  There have been a few variations by American ammunition companies.  The 8mm Remington magnum was introduced in 1978 and the 325 Winchester Short Magnum (yes it is a .323-diameter bullet) was introduced in 2000.

My 8 x 57 Mauser Rifles


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