Safari 2012 Journal Entries: Day 6 – Saturday, July 21st, 2012 (part 4) Leopard Bait

by david on August 23, 2012

It is 2:30 and we decide to head out a little early today.  We are going to look for a management gemsbok for a while and then see if we can find Mr. Duiker.  We see lots of animals including plenty of gemsbok, but none of them fall into the category of a management animal.  There are plenty of zebra, kudu, steenbok, and quite a few warthogs.  Last time I was here, warthogs were an uncommon occurrence; now, they seem to be everywhere.  We give up at sunset and settle for a drive back up the riverbed looking for the granddaddy of duikers.  He either sees us first, or is not out yet, as we see nothing on the way home.  I hope I am hungry tonight.  We are having company for dinner.  Byron and Peter are two Dangerous Game Professional Hunters (DG PH’s) from a neighboring concession.  They are between clients and are good friends with Johann and Vera, who thought I might enjoy meeting them and swapping stories with them.  The evening promises to be fun.    

Although I do not remember what we had for dinner, I do remember the conversation.  Johann and Vera are correct in their assumption that I would get along with Peter and Byron.  They were both bird hunters and big game hunters as well.  Byron has an affinity for my beloved 9.3×62 Mauser cartridge.  Our hunting and conservation philosophies mirror one another fairly closely.  Finally, in what has to be the most outrageous example of “it’s a small world”, Byron’s girlfriend is a graduate of the University of North Carolina as is my wife.  We drink and swap stories until about 11:30 pm, when I finally decide I have to go to bed.  It is most interesting hearing the honest opinions of the different types of American hunters they had hunted with over the years.  Time prevents me from going into too much detail here, but I think that will be a great subject for at least a part of my next book on Africa.



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