Safari 2012 Journal Entries: Day 6 – Saturday, July 21st, 2012 (part 3) Leopard Bait

by david on August 22, 2012

Lunchtime comes and goes.  Since I slept in this morning, I do not need an afternoon nap.  I decide to make use of the time and catch up on my journal entries, hoping to get a few blog entries done.  Writing in the journal is the easy part.  No one other than yours truly would more-than-likely ever read it, much less look for spelling and grammatical errors.  All I have to do was put down my thoughts concisely enough so I can remember the little details of the goings on sometime down the road.  I do catch myself writing with more vivid descriptions and humorous interjections than my journals of past trips.  Maybe I can learn a few new tricks in my old age. 

With the journal entries all caught up, I am forced to attempt to tackle a job I do not want to do, and that is blogging.  I do not mind it while I am at home if front of a computer where I have some semblance of knowledge in its use.  Today, I am attempting to blog with an iPhone and a wireless keyboard.  I managed to get the phone and the keyboard linked while I was at home, and I hope I can do the same while I am here.  I hate being technologically challenged, but some things are just too foreign.  I finally get the two linked once again and log in through the admin portal of the webpage.  Through a combination of keystrokes and using the touch screen, I am actually able to get to a place where I can make a blog post.  Yeah for me!  Maybe I am not quite as dated as I think I am.  In all seriousness, the keyboard makes for much more efficient and therefore quicker work.  I am able to read everything on the small screen with the help of extra-strength reading glasses.  I hate to think of how many mistakes I made; I hope my readers will understand.  I am blogging in African in a bush camp.  Who would have ever thought that possible?  Oops, I just noticed a mistake.  It should be simple enough to fix.  I touch the screen here, move the cursor, and backspace, backspace, backspace, type, type, type and enter.  Enter.  Enter.  What?  Nothing is happening.  Vera!  Johann!  I think I broke your Internet.  It turns out the router overheated and had to be rebooted.  I have no idea if the work of the last two hours is still there or lost in space.  Hint #6 got me again.

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