Safari Update

by david on July 22, 2012

It seems that I am having problems getting enough bandwidth to post pictures so I am afraid that will have to wait until I get back to the states.  Meanwhile the safari is going most excellent if you discount the fact that I have a cold that will not give up.  It is just one of those aggravating ones that does not lay you up it just aggravates the snot (no pun intended) out of you.  Wednesday afternoon we got into three different herds of zebra before I was finally able to take an old, barren mare with a beautiful coat.  The shot was from about 80 yards and slightly down hill.  the 250 grain Barnes TSX punched all the way through the far shoulder and recovery was easy.  Most everyone wants to take a stallion but by the time a stallion gets old enough to be considered a trophy he has so many battle scars he made an ugly rug.  Yup give me a mare for a rug any time.

Friday we headed for Ermo.  Ermo is one of five farms making up a concession (hunting area) of  approximately 78,ooo acres and Johann has the run of the whole thing.  We were here for wildebeest and springbuck.  The morning started off with two stalks of a mile or more each and each was ruined at the last minute by a sudden swirl of the wind.  While we were waiting for Tjokkie our tracker to return with the truck Johann spotted some springbuck about three miles off out in the middle of a big nothing.  It was too far to tell if any were worth stalking but when the truck drove up we covered two of the three miles quickly and did some more glassing.  There looked to be some shooter rams,, but the problem was there was nothing between us and them but shin high grass, one tree and a half dozen cows.  We decided to try it anyway so Johann and I took off.  Somehow we were able to make it to the tree without spooking the whole lot.  The tree was wide and low to the ground so wee were completely concealed underneath its branches.  One by one the rams got upp and when the one Johann had selected got up  my 9.3 x 62 Mauser barked and flattened the ram where he stood.  We covered the 110 yards quickly and found a nice wide set of horns.

After two more busted stalks on wildebeest we were about ready to  give up for thhe day when we saw one more group.  This time turned out to be the charmed one as I took a fantastic wildebeest that Johann  thinks will make Roland and Wards.

I’ll post more stories as I am able and will post pictures and more detail when I return to the states.

Thanks for checking back,

David L. Brown




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