DB’s Words of Wisdom: Eye Dominance

by david on June 5, 2012


If you have ever had trouble learning how to shoot and were asking for advice, someone probably asked which your dominant eye was.  When asked this question, most folks will get a puzzled look on their face and ask, “One of my eyes is dominant?”  Yes, everyone has a dominant eye, and most of us are lucky enough for our dominant eye and dominant hand to match up.  In other words, if you are right-handed, you are more than likely right-eye-dominant.  The problem arises when the two are crossed, if you are right handed but left eye dominant, for example.  There is a simple test that you can do to determine which of your eyes is dominant and, best of all, it is a test you don’t have to study for.  All you have to do is pick an object about 15 feet away to focus on.  Next, extend both arms in front of you and overlap your forefingers and thumbs to form a small triangle.  Look at your focus point, center it in the triangle and slowly move the triangle towards your face without ever losing sight of your focus point.  When the backs of your hands touch your face your dominant eye, will be looking through the triangle with the non-dominant eye blocked by the back of your hand.  If this does not work the first time, make your triangle smaller and try it again.  If you are cross-eye-dominant, there are a few things you can do.  Some people wear a pair of shooting glasses and put a piece of tape in the center of the lens over their dominant eye and force the non-dominant eye to compensate.  It is simpler, however, for most people to learn to shoot with the opposite hand.  Experiment with both methods and see which works best for you.

See you out hunting,

David B

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