DB’s Thoughts on Hunting: VRBO and HomeAway

by david on June 27, 2012

What is a VRBO and Home-A-What?  VRBO.com (vacation rental by owner) and HomeAway.com are two places I always turn to when finding a home away from home when I travel to hunt.  My favorite place to duck hunt (I haven’t missed a year since I started about 10 years ago) almost wasn’t because of where we had to stay.  The little motel was not bad as things go; it was clean, comfortable and reasonably priced.  The problem was there wasn’t a common area where we all could hang out.  It came to the point that we almost stopped hunting before we found a rental house that would hold all of us, and then some.  The large kitchen and dining area adjoined the living room, and after a meal together, we could all kick back, play cards, and watch TV, or whatever we wanted to do.  The rental house became as much a part of the trip as the hunting.  This started me thinking about finding a rental house for other hunts.  Between VRBO and Home Away, my brother and I have found more or less permanent camps on the Currituck sound and the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  I have always believed that there was as much of a social aspect to a hunt as the hunting itself and believe it even more firmly now.  Both sites are easy to use.  All you have to do is type in where you want to be and, voila, you have all of the options right there in front of you.  You just choose the property, check availability, contact the owner, and send them a check.  Be sure to read all of the reviews about the property and landlord.  Checking things out as thoroughly as possible will greatly reduce your odds of having a bad experience.  With that said I have had nothing but first class experience with all of the properties I have rented in the United States and abroad.  Another plus to renting a house is the cost may be lower than a hotel.  I find that four people tend to be the financial break-even point.  If you have more than four, the cost split by the number in your group is often less than the cost of a hotel.  Using a rental house instead of a hotel room makes the trip just that much better.

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