DB’s thoughts on Hunting: Mount, Swing-through, and Pull the Trigger

by david on June 12, 2012

While I am on the subject of mounting a gun, I would like to spend a little time on the scatter gun.  Most people do not think of Africa as place to shoot birds, but there is some fantastic wing shooting around if you just look for it.  In order to connect with a moving target it really helps if your shotgun fits you.  What I mean by fit is: will it shoot where you are looking without aiming?  Most people seem to forget the fact that you never aim a shotgun, you point a shotgun.  To see if your gun fits you takes about 15 seconds and is easy to do.  First, assume your shooting stance and select a stationary target. Close your eyes while keeping your body and face toward the target and keeping the target pictured in your mind.  Now mount your shotgun as if you are going to shoot the target.  Open your eyes and take mental notes of what you see.  Do you see any of the receiver or the barrel in addition to the bead?  Do you see only the receiver and or barrel and none of the bead?  Do you see any of the side of the barrel towards the bead?  If so, all of these will make you miss either high low or to the side.  The best thing to see is only the bead and the target.  If that is the case, you are in luck.  If not, the fix might not be as bad as you would imagine.  Most semi autos or pumps will have some shims in the box and will allow you to fix the problem yourself.  If you own an O/U or SxS, it means a trip to your gunsmith, but getting your gun to fit you will be worth it.

Now that your gun shoots where you are looking, let’s think about hitting a moving target.  There several schools of thought out there about shooting moving targets, but I am a believer in the swing-through method.  I have long been a believer in applying the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle to anything possible, and it works well here.  To apply the swing-through method, all you have to do is look at the target, mount the gun, and swing the gun from behind the target until it passes in front of the target.  Just as it passes by the target, pull the trigger, and then keep swinging until you see the target start to fall.  This is probably oversimplified, but with a little practice you will see just how well it works.

See you out hunting,

David B


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