Quote of the day from “The Little Red Book of Hunters Wisdom”

by david on April 13, 2012

Today is two for one day, mostly because I like both and couldn’t make up my mind.

“The more I see of people’s representatives, the more I like
my dogs”

Comte Alfred D’Orsay (1850)   FYI I had to look up “Comte”, it is French for Count

Your heart grows tired of waiting, and suddenly – but only
sportsmen will understand me – suddenly in the deep stillness there comes a
special kind of whirr and swish, you hear the measured stroke of swift wings –
and the woodcock, with his long beak drooping gracefully down, comes swimming
out from a dark birch tree to meet your fire.  This is what is meant by waiting for the

Ivan Turgenev “A sportsman’s Notebook (1850)

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