Getting Ready

by david on March 29, 2012

The time has finally come for me to return to Africa. I can hardly wait.  In the next three and a half months follow me as I get ready to head back to hunt Africa.  I’ll let you in on my practice sessions, sit with me at my reloading bench, and laugh while I sweat getting into shape.  As long as I do no have a complete break down or contract “getting ready to go on safari fever” I will try to post on every Thursday.  Here is what I have done so far.

I contacted Debbie Gracy of Gracy Travel and have purchased my airline tickets.  With fuel prices getting higher and higher it was probably a good idea to do so.  The fare was up a few hundred over last time but I guess that is not to bad since my last trip was in 2009.  I will be going through Frankfurt Germany and getting a day room.  A day room will allow me to leave all of my baggage checked and get out of the airport for a while.  Some real food, a shower and a bed to stretch out in will really be nice.  Getting to Windhoek Namibia early in the morning and starting my safari with a full day will be an added bonus.

I have also added something new to my exercise routine.  My Boy Scout troop has a permanent campsite on my farm and they have built over a mile of mountain bike trails.  So like any sane 52 year old I went and bought a mountain bike.  Riding through the woods and across the fields is really neat and gives me a good cardio work out.  The only thing I dd not count on was the seat of the bike not being overly kind to my seat.  My backside is bruised and sore beyond what I ever thought possible.  I can only hope to build up some sort of callus or the muscles (what are left) toughen up by the time I start shooting my big guns.  I don’t know if I can take being bruised and sore in multiple locations all at the same time.

Please check back next week when I’ll give an up date on my physical fitness routine, my shooting practice, and a little bit on what trophies I plan to take.

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