Review from J. McGregor, Safari goer

by david on February 21, 2012

After reading your book I felt like I had made a good friend. This book was especially helpful as my wife wants to accompany me on the trip. We are interested in touring in addition to the hunt. My wife is a non- hunter, but supports me in my love of the outdoors. My concern is that I wanted this trip to be equally enjoyable for her as I expect it to be for me. Your book eased my concern about her having an outstanding experience on the trip. A couple of other things that I felt I had picked up from your book is the need to: 1. have a plan [whether for gear to take, where you want to tour, and what animals you would like to harvest], flexible, 3.preserve the experience in a journal and by camera, 4. prepare by spending time on the firing range, 5. ask plenty of questions when planning the trip. Your book was very personable and is an easy read. I would recommend this book to anyone planning a first trip to Africa. Your book was a wealth of information to me.

Best Regards,
J. McGregor

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