Letter of Introduction

by david on December 9, 2011

As I was searching for the first thoughts and words to go on my websites and blogs, a thought worked its way to the front of my mind. I found I had to address it before I could go any farther. It occurred to me the initial reason anyone would be going to the websites or reading blogs would be to learn about me or my writing. The problem of providing readers with the best way to get to know me took a little more thought. My first thought was to list a brief biography similar to the ones inside of most book jackets. That hardly seems to be adequate and would probably be quite boring to read. What I finally came up with was to introduce myself to you through a series of writings. In order for the writings to convey the real me, I would have to write as I speak and think. These words should not be polished and perfect as you would find in a published book; they should be plain and a little rough around the edges like their writer. Bearing this in mind, let me tell you about myself.

I was born in the small town of North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, in March 1960 to the best parents anyone could ever wish for. My dad was the first in his family to graduate from college and he went to work for Lowe’s Companies right out of school. My mom graduated salutatorian in her high school class and graduated from business school after that. After I was born, she left her job at the bank and took care of me and, later on, my two younger brothers. Mom and dad did a great job teaching us right from wrong, that you go to church on Sunday to worship God and to not just take up space on the pew. I learned that family is important and to be treasured, and that we live in the greatest country on earth and it must be respected and protected. I learned how to be a Southern gentleman and be respectful of others. Both parents loved the outdoors and we spent family time hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway and fishing the local lake. When I was older, my dad taught me how to hunt and to respect wildlife. This old-fashioned upbringing made me who I am today.

Who am I today? — one might ask. Well, that is a complicated question and one that will take a little bit of time to answer. In order not to bore you to tears, I have decided to answer that question in several sections, and I will add the sections one at a time on a regular basis. What’s first? In my way of thinking, you can tell the most about a persons by learning what matters to them and what they take pride in. Check back a little later to find out what I am the most proud of.
Thanks for reading,
David L. Brown

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