First Impressions

by david on December 27, 2011

My first impression of camp was preceded by a delay at the airport with lost luggage and a four-hour drive.  I was frustrated and disappointed by the lost baggage ordeal but at least my guns had made it.  When I finally made it to the reception area of the airport, my afternoon dramatically improved when Johann’s wife Vera met me for my transfer to camp.  She told me not to worry about my bag it would probably only be “temporally” lost and when the airline found them, the bags would promptly be delivered to where they were supposed to be.  She explained that Johann was held up helping out another PH and would arrive in camp early tomorrow morning in time to start my hunt.  We soon had my gear loaded into the land cruiser and off we went.

I learned many things in the next four hours as we headed north from the airport.  By the time we got to camp, I felt as if I had known Vera for quite some time.  I was to be hunting her family’s farm and cattle ranch.  It was small according to her only 12,500 acres but not to worry as they had arrangements made with the surrounding farms and had worked up a small concession of 50,000 acres.  I would hate to see her definition of large after seeing what she calls small.  As the hours past, we made small talk and got to know each other.  Just when I was about to ask, “Are we there yet?” she turned off the main road and stopped to unlock a gate.  Welcome to “Omuzire” she said as we drove through the gate and into the bush.  Darkness had fallen some time ago and my vision was limited to the things reveled by the high beams of the land cruiser.  As we drove into the bush along the old farm road, it began to sink in where I was.  I was in a place that I had not even imagined just six months ago, in the bushveld, in Africa.

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