Safari 2018 #52 Braaivleis

October 16, 2019

As we were leaving Bamunu, we were amazed at the people heading into the village for the festival.  It did not officially start until the next day, but evidently some wanted to get an early start. I had been skeptical of the 7000-9000 people estimate, but the number of cars overflowing with people soon changed […]

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Safari 2018 #51 Problem#2, and Moving Day

October 14, 2019

Johann had gone into the reeds with Byron and Peter as an extra gun and safety measure.  He radioed Jonas to bring the Landcruiser in. Jonas, the other game scout and tracker, and I slowly drove around the island and into the reeds.  We had to go very slowly as the ground was extremely rough […]

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Safari 2018 #50 1st Problem Solved

October 11, 2019

I was jealous and relieved all at the same time.  Peter was going to get his chance, but he was going to have to do it in 12-foot-tall reeds with severely limited visibility.  It is a pure adrenaline rush and dangerous as all get out. You could literally walk into an elephant if you were […]

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Safari 2018 #49 A Waiting Game

October 9, 2019

From our location we can see the tops of the heads of the largest two or three elephants moving in the reeds. Johann asked if I still want to hunt an elephant and a “hell yes” escaped my lips before I had time to think about it.  “But” … I want to call Byron and […]

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Safari 2018 #48 Good Detective Work

October 7, 2019

Friday, September 28 Up at 4:30, coffee only at 5:00, and on the road at 5:15.  Our fifth campmate, Craig, is headed out with us this morning rather than Byron.  We thought that might bring us a change of luck. Craig was a friend of the company that ran the concession.  He helped with clients […]

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Safari 2018 #47 War Council

October 4, 2019

During lunch and after a brief war council Johann and Byron decided we should all head back to the Island.  Byron and Peter would take up a blocking position while Johann and I slowly drove along the river and then towards the island.  We hoped that we would catch the elephants coming in, then we […]

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Safari 2018 #46 Take your Bumps and solve the Problem

October 2, 2019

  Thursday, September 27 Up at 5:00, breakfast at 5:30, and on the trail looking for elephant soon thereafter.  We soon left any semblance of a trail and went totally cross country. We went bouncing through the reeds, across the floodplain, through drainages, and along the river.  The going was slow and at times excruciating. […]

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Safari 2018 #45 Hot and Bumpy

September 30, 2019

The afternoon was spent looking for elephant.  Byron and Peter went one way, Johann and I went the other.  The direction we went in was even more bouncy. So bouncy I began to wonder if parts were going to start falling off of the Landcruiser or if I was perhaps rearranging my internal organs.  It […]

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Safari 2018 #44 Stripes Before Lunch

September 27, 2019

    There were zebra by the thousands in Bamunu, heck, perhaps by the tens of thousands.  We always saw huge herds when traveling back and forth in the concession. If our passing too close spooked them, the resulting cloud of black dust could seemingly obscure the sun.  It was cool to watch. The cloud […]

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Safari 2018 #43 Buffalo Delivery

September 25, 2019

    After the herd moved far enough away to risk approaching the bull, we made our way to him.  He was fully grown with hard bosses and his very worn teeth were a good indicator of his advanced age.  Johann’s knowledge and ability as a top rate PH were demonstrated by the animal who […]

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